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We wish you a warm welcome at Household of Christ.

As pastors, our deepest desire is to love God and His people in humility and with sincerity of heart; hence, our church’s expression is: “Loving God, Loving People”. We believe that divine love is the key to living a fulfilled life in relationship with Christ, the church family and our daily personal lives.

Our prayer is that you would know the depths of God’s love for you, that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ would meet you at your point of need and that He would lead you to the place of His desire for your life as you discover yourself in Him.

Bernard and Belinda Mulder
Senior Pastors & Founders

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Latest Sermon

by Pastor Bernard Mulder | What is Possible in Christ Jesus | 30 May 2021

Household of Christ is a Christ-culture, family-based church loving God and loving people.
There is a place for you in our family, whoever you are, wherever you are!

We encourage fellowship in the body of Christ and would love to get to know you better.

How we serve

Ushers & Hostesses
Children’s Church
Champions Club
Youth [ALOUD for Christ]
Young Adults
Music Ministry
Drama Department
Media Team
Medical Team

Weekly Events

Midweek Victory Service

Wednesday 19:00
691 Blesbok Street, Mooikloof, Pretoria
Aloud for Christ (Youth)
Friday 19:00
691 Blesbok Street, Mooikloof, Pretoria
Main Service
Sunday 09:30
691 Blesbok Street, Mooikloof, Pretoria


Our name says it all! At Household of Christ we are a Christ-culture family church where everyone from all walks of life is welcome. There is a place for you in our family, whoever you are.


Our vision is to see our community, city and nation saved, healed and established (mature) in the love of Christ, following the Holy Spirit’s leading in everything we do.


Thuthukisa’s mission is to bring hope to communities by providing support through imparting the necessary skills and knowledge that will strengthen and build their capacity to meet their needs…

Household of Christ

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