Courageous Faith

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4 reviews for Courageous Faith

  1. Lesley Kruger

    Courageous Faith is an inspiring read. It is worth reading a few times every year just because of the immense truths it holds for daily life. Must read!

  2. Rickson Mboweni

    Courageous Faith is the most practical book on faith I have ever read. Pastor Bernard is skilfully deal with the subject of faith. I have no doubt that anybody who can lay their hands on this book will experience the power of God.

  3. Paul Ssali

    Pastor Bernard does an amazing job of unpacking and explaining the various aspects of faith. After reading the entire book, I felt an explosion in my heart and a renewed desire to exercise my faith.

  4. Abigail Suze

    Courageous Faith is a book that will change your perspective on faith. Courage does not come from an absence of fear but from an abundance of faith.

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